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Why Divvy

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Divvy offers a robust rewards platform for HR professionals and managers who want to recognize their teams. Our robust reward choices, custom solutions, sophisticated platform, robust reporting, and dedication to customer service are what set us apart.

Robust Reward Choices

There are many ways to make employees feel connected to their teams and companies without breaking the bank. Salaries and cash compensation are just part of the equation. Tangible rewards and performance incentives are a simple yet effective way to say “thanks” for a job well done. With Divvy’s industry-leading rewards selection, employees have thousands of items to choose from ensuring there’s something for everyone.

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79% of employees would prefer new
or additional benefits to a pay increase.
Source: Glassdoor


Easy Set-up & Maintenance

It’s fast and easy to get started. Divvy manages the setup process from beginning to end so there’s little effort required on your part. Once set up, your managers can easily deposit points into employee accounts and your employees can immediately begin ordering rewards directly through the online portal. Our platform not only helps employees build points but it helps build stronger relationships between managers and employees.

Points can be based on performance milestones and achievements. They can also be earned through ongoing engagement activities, charitable involvement, contests, holiday celebrations. The sky’s the limit, as they say, and your rewards program can be built to suit your culture and your corporate goals. Divvy’s Rewards and Recognition program engages both managers and their employees in a meaningful way.

White Glove Customer Service

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Divvy’s team goes above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of you and your employees. We take a hands-on approach to assist you and solve any reward-related issues that may arise. We also offer a dedicated travel concierge service for travel rewards as part of our highest service tier.

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Support also available
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Custom Solutions for Your Business

Divvy works with our customers to develop a rewards program that aligns with your organization’s values and makes an impact with your team. You can tailor the rewards catalog to include just the categories you want and the price ranges that fit within your budget. You can even include unique items like company swag, milestone awards, and rewards for international employees. Employees sign in through a white-labeled or custom branded login page.

Questions about customization?

Robust Reporting

Divvy’s robust reporting capabilities make it an invaluable tool saving HR managers time and effort. Our administrator dashboard provides a single access point for all your reward program management needs.

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“Divvy developed a custom tax reporting solution for us. It used to take a lot of manual effort but now we can pull reports easily.”

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Contact us to learn more about how you can use Divvy to enhance your employee rewards.

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