The technology you need

Reflecting its commitment to innovation and program design from its earliest days, Divvy Engagement developed one of the industry’s first web-based incentive management programs. Since then, DivvyUp has evolved into a state-of-the art mobile platform for achieving your goals by addressing and managing almost every key lever of employee engagement for any audience.

Built to address the key levers of engagement

  • Assessment—to track engagement levels
  • Communication—to make sure your team is informed
  • Learning—to ensure that people are capable of doing what is asked of them
  • Community—so that people feel part of a team
  • Fun—so that people want to participate on a regular basis
  • Rewards and recognition—so that people feel valued
  • Feedback and analytics—to foster continuous improvement

While most technologies focus only on recognition or incentives, DivvyUp addresses the key levers of engagement with effective tools and platforms:

  • Surveysa simple way to assess the engagement of your audience
  • Contenta mobile communication platform that keeps people informed
  • Quizzeseasy-to-launch tests to gauge knowledge
  • Social wallsa place for employees to build a community
  • Gamesan easy way to add fun to the program equation
  • Rewards and recognition platforma totally customizable platform to make top performers feel special
  • Analyticsreports and analyses and Key Performance Indicators that can help people perform better in the future

Customized for your needs

Proud as we are of our innovation in technology, each program is driven by the needs of our customers. Not only does Divvy already work with other technology providers for specific needs, we can work within your platform, as well.