State-of-the-art program design

While many traditional incentive and recognition program designers tend to focus on rewards, Divvy Engagement starts with understanding your business goals, requirements, and internal resources. We help design a program that will efficiently achieve your objectives by making sure your team is focused on how they can contribute and have the capability and motivation to do so.

If you need only a reward program, we can do that, toobut we can also help you scale up if you want to improve performance in a measurable way using best practices.

We apply formal industry standards* to help make sure the plan addresses all the factors that will yield success and identify any obstacles that could get in the way. Over the last decade, extensive research and formal methodologies have been published by multiple sources on how to design effective programs with a clear return-on-investment. This is achieved by calculating the approximate value to the organization of the behaviors being rewarded.

Even more importantly, Divvy’s senior team has decades of experience working in almost every major industry. We have first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, under which circumstances, and for what audiencesfrom Millennials to Baby Boomers. So you benefit from a combination of best practices, experience, and insights that make us trusted advisors to our customers.

While Divvy proudly developed its DivvyUp incentive and recognition technology platform a decade ago (incorporating not only rewards, but tests, surveys, and games to engage), we do work with other technology providers and sometimes our clients’ own solutions when it best serves their interests.

*Notes: The following resources provide a consistent and authoritative basis for program design from which Divvy Engagement designs ROI-based programs.

Results-Based Incentive Program Design, published by the Incentive Marketing Association, providing step-by-step information on program design.

The Master Measurement Model, created by the American Productivity and Quality Center for the Incentive Research Foundation.

Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, created by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance to provide a science-based method for effective program design.

Rewards, Recognition, and Workplace Motivation, Harold Stolovich, University of Southern California.