Social engagement

There are about 80 million Millennials and 76 million Baby Boomers in America. Half of all Millennials are already in the workforce and millions are added every year. By the year 2025, three out of every four workers globally will be Millennials. ”This generation is reshaping today’s consumer and media markets,” says Nick Shore, a senior vice president at MTV involved in the No Collar Workers study

Divvy’s social engagement tools will energize your workplace communication and open up dialogue across your organization in a way that brings all generations together. 

Our products

Divvy Social Wall
Take advantage of the Divvy Social Wall to broadcast participant success across the team. It’s a communication platform your organization can use every day to create a culture of performance and appreciation. And it makes it easy for your company to recognize and celebrate ALL significant employee milestones. 
All our Divvy modules are tied into the Divvy Social Wall—so that every award and engagement program winner can be acknowledged. That includes recipients of: 
  • Service Anniversary Awards
  • Peer-to-Peer Awards
  • Sales and Performance Awards
  • Manager On-the-Spot Awards
  • Safety and Wellness Awards
  • Birthday acknowledgements
And just like other social platforms, your employees can comment on their colleagues’ achievements as well as “follow” them to keep informed of their activities and achievements. The Divvy Social Wall is also available on the Divvy mobile app. 

Engage and motivate your workforce and even channel partners and consumers by instantly broadcasting congratulatory messages, training material, new product launches, and corporate vision information. People can easily access these when logging on to view their rewards and latest information about the program, or to participate in quizzes, surveys, etc.


Communicate and interact with your workforce anytime. Use your blogs to enhance corporate culture, recognize employees, and further engage your workforce. Management can easily post blogs on new initiatives and cost-saving ideas submitted by your workers.  

The benefits

1  | Publicly recognize award winners—timely public recognition of employee accomplishments amplifies the value of your awards programs.

2  | Enable employees to “follow” and comment on colleague achievements—leverage the initial award and provide even more feedback to colleagues on their accomplishments.

3  |  Tie together a geographically diverse workforce—communicate effectively with everyone across the organization—even globally.

4  | Provide a central corporate social wall hub—that can be used for all employee recognition and acknowledgments within your organization.