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Sales Development Representative

What we do

At Divvy, we are building solutions to make work life work better for our customers. Divvy offers an exceptional employee rewards and recognition platform that combines high-tech with high-touch to deliver a superior customer experience. Our platform harnesses the power of recognition, open communication, and values reinforcement to help organizations boost engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture, and drive high performance in a digital, highly distributed work landscape.

Our Values

Engagement: Divvy makes it easy for individuals and teams to engage, recognize, reward, and connect in a meaningful way. At Divvy, we believe that engaged employees are the key to success.

Customer Service: We believe that the quality of our customer service is as important as the quality of the products we deliver.

Meaningful Impact: We do what we do because of the positive impact our Rewards & Recognition program has on companies, teams, and individuals. 

Authenticity: The value of authenticity in the workplace can’t be overstated. Divvy brings a refreshingly authentic, fun, and uplifting dynamic to the workplace. Just wait until you meet our team!

Your Role at Divvy Engagement 

At Divvy our people come first, ALWAYS! As a remote-first company we pride ourselves on our inclusive culture and out-of-the-box thinking. We encourage all of our employees to bring their expertise, innovation, creativity, and fresh eyes to every aspect of their role. As a member of the team, you will be challenged to do better, heard on all levels, and respected as a part of our community. You are a self-starter who is energized by change, comfortable with start-ups, and can thrive in a flexible/remote environment.


Awesome Perks

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