Rewards that inspire

Over one million choices from the world’s most popular brands

According to extensive research,* carefully selected and presented non-cash rewards are a highly effective way to create buzz in the organization, foster positive emotions, and create lasting memories and bonds.

DivvyUp provides over one million awards from almost every leading brand name in almost every form. Merchandise, travel, event tickets, gift cards, and more are delivered through a highly customizable catalog so that your selections address the aspirations of your participantsconsumers, distribution partners, salespeople, non-sales employees, and vendors.

The DivvyUp online catalog provides you with virtually unlimited award choices along with a catalog platform that opens up the world of choice to your participants by offering them one of the largest selections of rewards in the industry. You can offer your participants access to our complete collection, or create completely customized selections for your target audience, knowing that your program always has the most up-to-date offerings.

We offer reward solutions both in the U.S. and abroad. And our merchandising strategies reduce your costs by offering your organization up to 30% more buying power than traditional services.

Effective reports and tools

DivvyUp includes the most modern, user-friendly online performance administration and management tools, rapid fulfillment, and customer service, as well as such critical reports as:

  • Pending orders
  • Redemptions per employee or group
  • Total redemptions
  • Most popular categories or products
  • Value of redemptions
  • Information for tax purposes
  • …and more