Quizzes and surveys

Effective learning tools that boost employee performance

Research proves that it takes more than motivation to engage people to perform. People need to know specifically how they can contribute and what knowledge and skills they need in order to do so.

Interactive quizzes can help improve the knowledge base of your employee population with fun content, motivating activities, online training, learning assessments, and much more.

Quizzes are an effective way for employees to retain more of the material learned in company training programs. With interactive quizzes, you can:

  • Enhance your current training programs in sales, customer service, and product info for any type of program
  • Use the platform to run Pulse surveys
  • Motivate your audience to be more engaged in learning what they need to know in order to succeed and get the best out of their relationship with your company
  • Improve knowledge retention
  • Promote ongoing and continuous learning
  • Get automatic updates on individual and group training progress
  • Generate points redeemable for winning scores

Quiz templates make set-up easy

You can easily create tests and surveys directly related to your business—or have our team create them for you. User-friendly templates make it simple to create training modules, quiz and survey material, automatically award points for correct answers, configure minimum score levels, generate reports on responses, and assess participant knowledge.

Employees learn faster with interactive games

Interactive games add excitement to learning by keeping participants engaged and coming back for more. Our gaming platform is a great tool for introducing your employees to your awards and performance programs and can motivate them to learn more from their online training programs. And it’s completely customizable, so it can provide solutions that fit your business and your workforce.