Program design

Our competitive edge: program creation

Your incentive plan can include the most exciting technology and awards and still fail if the goals are impossible to hit: only the top performers can win, people lack critical information and know-how, or because the program fails to address what’s necessary to make people perform.

You benefit from our knowledge of the latest best practices related to incentive, recognition, and engagement design. Our insight comes from decades of experience with a wide variety of businesses, programs, and generations of participantsfrom employees in operations and sales to distribution partners and customers.

While you might come to us with rules and programs already in place, we generally recommend you take a step back before implementing a solution to make sure your programs follow best practices. A solid framework and design ensures you address all the relevant levers of engagement as well as any obstacles that can stand in the way of your organizations success.

You can rely on us to develop customized programs that maximize the engagement of your targeted audiences. This enables your people to do what is required to achieve your organization’s goals in a way that’s as easy to implement and maintain as possible.

Creating key performance indicators (KPIs)

With the goal of helping your organization turn your incentive, recognition, and other engagement tactics into a profit center, we always recommend that programs include clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Your team can periodically review this data to ensure your initiative is on track and to identify necessary course corrections.

Your KPIs generally fall into three categories:

1  |  Participation

What percentage of your audience is participating, and in which particular element of your program?

2  |  Engagement 

To what level is the audience participating? How often do they access the system website or other elements? How actively are they consuming content, giving rewards, participating in surveys, taking tests, etc.?

3  |  Return on investment

What is the value of incremental results of the program to the organization in terms of sales, productivity, quality, wellness, safety, etc.?  What was the value to the organization in terms of behaviors fosteredthe value of someone’s willingness to recommend or recruit talent or customers, provide exceptional service to an external or internal customer, suggest a breakthrough innovation, or purchase on a repeat basis.

KPIs also are central to comparing performance across divisions and departments.