• Connect Across All Levels of Diversity. Engagement motivates everyone in your organization

    Connect Across All Levels of Diversity

    Engagement motivates everyone in your organization

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How we help

The ability to engage your entire organization

The key to success lies in the design of effective programs that address the key levers critical to engagement. While many companies sell technologies or reward packages they claim will achieve your goals, research is clear that they will only do so if they are used as part of a program designed to ensure people consistently performwhether they’re customers and distribution partners or sales and operations employees.

Divvy has over 20 years of experience helping organizations design programs that connect across all key audiences, whatever the demographic makeup.

Program design
We use a formal process that helps you systematically identify: 

  • Actions needed to achieve a goal
  • Specific tools required 
  • Means of tracking and measuring the return-on-investment

Employees in administration and operations
We design programs that inspire employees to live your organization’s values and focus on quality, productivity, wellness, safety, recruitment, and length of service.

Sales employees
We help your organization achieve its goals in a sustainable way while helping your business to continually improve and get behind the launch of new products and services.

Distribution partners
Our programs help you get more attention and support for your brand with the people who bring your products and services to market.

We help your company take traditional loyalty programs to the next level by building a meaningful relationship with the people most valuable to your business.