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Your engagement strategy will deliver better results with a formal business plan that addresses all the levers required to engage people to perform. And it needs a plan that will also identify any potential obstacles to success.

According to the latest research, your employee, sales, and channel partner programs will achieve greater results if they go beyond focusing only on rewards, recognition, and incentives. The programs must ensure that people: 

  • Have the capability to do what’s asked
  • Feel they are part of a team or community
  • Know specifically how they can help achieve key objectives
  • Receive effective communication about the program over time

In order to bring a full range of solutions to its clients, Divvy Engagement is a licensee of The Engagement Agency. The Agency provides us access to highly-vetted engagement solution providers in all areas of engagement—from assessment, analytics, and leadership coaching to meetings and incentive travelThis is done in a completely transparent manner that ensures maximum alignment and efficiency for your organization.

So whether you need a specific engagement solution or a total engagement partner, Divvy shares your commitment to measurable success.