Power your program success

DivvyUp is a fully integrated incentive and recognition program management platform that supports every aspect of an incentive or recognition program, including powerful measurement tools. Your organization can use it to run:

  • Employee recognition, performance, and wellness programs
  • Sales and dealer incentive programs
  • Consumer engagement programs
  • Diversity and inclusion programs

By integrating all of the key levers of engagement on a single platform, DivvyUp provides a cutting-edge solution that addresses the Enterprise Engagement Alliance* formal framework for engagement across the platformIt addresses all the key levers of engagement and can support programs for almost all audiences in an organization.

Address each component of engagement

Easily create and launch incentive and recognition programs with clear performance measures. Your organization can run as many programs for as many audiences as it needs on a single platform.

  • Create a rewards catalog that reflects your organization’s brand and the aspirations of your target audience with over one million awards choices from top retailers, as well as event, travel, ticket, and gourmet food providers
  • Create and customize catalogs for specific programs, lifestyles, and generations with redemptions available both in the U.S. and abroad
  • Give managers and participants access to all relevant programs on their own mobile device—because the mobile platform is increasingly important 
  • Drive engagement throughout the organization with our innovative and easy-to-use Peer-to-Peer Recognition Module
  • Encourage your front line Managers to recognize performance with Divvy’s highly configurable On-the-Spot Recognition Module

Take your program to the next level of engagement

  • Leverage your engagement system with complete social wall and engagement network functionality
  • Quickly set up, administer, and update quizzes to ensure people have the knowledge required to succeed, as well as run Pulse surveys
  • Sustain engagement with creative games using DivvyGames.
  • Educate employees and make the performance process fun and entertaining
  • Give employees the option to pay their tax liability with points, as well as track employee tax data with TaxCentives
  • Customize your graphics and messages to support your company’s 
    distinctive brand and culture
  • Evaluate the performance of each employee, as well as the program
  • View custom reports, available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Get immediate feedback from employees with specialized templates
  • Administer the program in all global business languages
  • Upload online video to train, motivate, and congratulate using DivvyTube 
  • Post important and timely messages using DivvyUp’s bulletin board and pop-up messaging
  • Create business-focused blogs using DivvyBlog  

A full suite of administrative features

We provide a full suite of integrated technology tools to address every aspect of a successful incentive initiative. And we offer personal training support to assist your team during the transition phase.

  • Enrollment and participation management
  • Complete program and performance assessment
  • Management and tracking of multiple programs and performance criteria
  • Comparative analysis of program effectiveness
  • Real-time recognition of outstanding performance
  • Effective and easy-to-use communications tools
  • Bulletin boards, pop-ups, and personal/congratulatory notes
  • Simple administrative tools
  • Budget breakdowns and extensive reporting based on your needs

Getting employees focused on your business goals has never been simpler or more effective.

*Note. The Enterprise Engagement Alliance at TheEEA.org has developed a formal framework that identifies the key levers of engagement. The DivvyUp platform is certified to meet the criteria of the EEA framework.