Customer loyalty

Build valuable relationships

Between technology and all of the research about what engages customers, both in the business and consumer world, you now have at your disposal tools and techniques for getting the best out of your most important customer relationships.

  • Customer loyalty programs are going through the same transformation as other engagement strategies to address the key factors that affect a customer relationshipwhether consumer or business.
  • Technology makes it possible to build powerful customer engagement platforms that not only reward people for loyalty and referrals and capture invaluable information, but also build relationships over time by:
    • Sharing useful insights and information that will make your customers feel valued and informed.
    • Offering concrete ways your customers can benefit by referring friends or colleagues.
    • Providing unique experiences or opportunities for customers to have dialog with top management to share their insights.
    • Offering ways for customers to regularly share suggestions and even ideas about potential new products and services for which they can get rewarded.
Divvy offers a powerful technology and rewards platform that can be customized to address almost any customer engagement effort. We go even further than others by helping design a program that builds meaningful relationships with your most valuable customers in a measurable way.