Channel partner programs

How to get greater mindshare

If you sell through resellers (i.e., distributors, wholesalers, agents, and brokers) then you have a particular challenge: how to make sure your product and service gets presented in the right way to the right prospect amidst all of the other brands they are offered.

In many cases, these resellers are smaller businesses and/or have many salespeople for whom they are always seeking specific incentives or spiffsThey often respond well to non-cash incentives for selling or purchasing moreor for participating in sales training programs as well as co-op promotions.

Divvy can provide cutting-edge incentive programs that reward your channel partners in a way that can have a quick, short-term impact on behavior. However, Divvy goes much further by understanding your business and the underlying factors that affect why certain resellers focus on products and services (or don’t), and developing a carefully crafted program to specifically address the right levers to change behavior.

Extensive research on dealer and distributor behavior over many years indicates that independent owners respond most consistently to strategies that help their business beyond getting just an extra percentage or two of a discountIt’s more effective to address their key needs, which can include rewards and promotions to help promote more sales, as well as training and rewards for their salespeople.

Divvy not only provides the most customized and appealing reward programs for any audience, it also offers insights into program design and measurement that can turn your channel partner engagement program into a profit center.