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Employee dis-engagement is robbing your bank! Protect your assets!

If you are a business owner or in senior management, you are acutely aware of the negative factors that seem out of your control. Factors undermining your business growth and profitability. Higher taxes, rising costs, competition, regulation, employee dis-engagement and unforeseen market changes.  These things can raise your blood pressure and even threaten your business survival.
However, the good news is you can get control of one very vital asset by focusing on employee engagement.

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Customer Loyalty. How to get some.

Losing a customer remains at the top of an organization's nemesis. Gaining a new customer on one hand but watching an existing customer leave you is like pouring fine wine in a glass with no bottom. Depending on the industry you are in, it takes big money and time to win a customer. Do you know what its costing you? Lets face it, keeping a customer is less expensive than finding one. Research by business consultants firm The Brookeside Group and the author of "Great or Poor" Guy Arnold, conclude that companies can boost profits by as much as 85 percent by focusing on why clients stay with you. Customer loyalty can also have the same impact as reducing operating costs by as much as 10 percent. American Express weighs in with their findings. "Consumers are willing to pay an average of 36 per cent more for a decent pub meal if the service, food and atmosphere are of a high standard." Unfortunately many larger organizations still put their bucks into huge sales and marketing initiatives but cut back, to their peril, on customer service analysis and training of employees.
When it comes to boosting customer loyalty, bigger companies don't always know better. 
The good news is that you can dramatically improve your own customer loyalty by understanding the impact your workplace culture has on customer retention.
Here we will map out some simple observations to put you on the right course toward employee engagement and customers remaining on board.

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Peer to Peer recognition. What to know before taking the plunge!.

"I was very honored to be nominated by my co-workers for my efforts in the company," noted project specialist for a high profile technology company.  "I will go above and beyond for anything that my team needs in the future. And it makes me want to be more aware of all the people around me and what I can do to recognize other employees."
Workforce community recognition or peer to peer can be an effective, low cost approach for reducing turnover, boosting performance and morale. Co-worker acknowledgements inspire. When a peer recognizes a colleague it creates strong bonds within the workforce conducive to all doing a better job. Another plus is the lessening of pressure on managers and senior leaders already overburdened with additional work responsibilities. Peer to peer recognition is positive and personal. One example is the peer nomination structure in the entertainment industry. Winning a peer driven Tony or Oscar is largely what makes it so prestigious. However, before you decide to make the move to a co-worker recognition initiative, here are some observations I hope you will find helpful.

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How to plant wellness instantly into your workplace.

When Susan came back from lunch she complained of something in the office air that was making her feel nauseous. She needed to leave and was unable to return for the rest of the week. Her absence would prove costly to her organization as their head customer service representative. Customers would ask for her and she wasn't there. It hurt business. Not an uncommon scenario. For some of us, things like indoor odors, car exhaust, pollutants or second hand smoke are easily tolerated. Some of us can even dance our way through a high risk chemical factory with no after affects. I recall having a neighbor who smoked a pack of non filtered cigarettes every day for over 60 years. He passed away not from smoking but from a broken heart after losing his wife. But those of us who are hypersensitive?  Chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs)  can actually become a life threatening issue.
There are different degrees of tolerability to pollutants because we all have a unique physical body and a unique metabolism. Then there's Sick Building Syndrome, a huge issue. The World Health Organization reported in 1984 that "up to 30% of new and remodeled buildings were causing health hazards for employees."
Here's a simple, natural, cost effective way to improve your office environment wellness level. The answer will surprise you!

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CFOs Optimizing Performance-Reducing Workforce Costs

Keeping up with the expanding role of the CFO isn't easy. Knowing the right questions to ask doesn't always translate into providing instant, perfect solutions.
You are your organization's cost guru, so no one needs to remind you of your challenging and ever expanding role.
I ask: What's important to CFOs today? Answer: Everything!
Growth strategies, scorekeeping, cutting workforce costs, effective financial stewardship, expenditure operator, sales performance, safety risk, wellness, health care costs, turnover, employee loyalty/retention. Then you crunch the numbers and have to make them all add up.
In addition to everything else you do, many times you even sit in on sales calls.
In this blog we hope to illustrate a proven solution to help you improve your company's bottom line.

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Wellness is the buzz! What you need to know.

Green shakes and salads for breakfast, Pilates, yoga, salsa dancing, spin classes, pumping iron, veggies, zumba, swimming, kickboxing, stress management, jogger's high, aroma therapy, deep breathing, meditation.
Today's compulsive preoccupation with health reflects the more than 2 billion dollars a year we spend on gym memberships alone. Businesses across the nation are spending as much as 416 dollars per employee on wellness programs.
But all is not the picture of health and wellbeing.

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Success stories from the employee engagement, motivation archives!

Amazing how many wonderful success stories there are that illustrate the importance and effectiveness of employee engagement and recognition. Showing tangible appreciation can be a low cost or no cost initiative. Yet even today, many managers still do not understand the potential power they have in their hands that will improve performance in their workplace. Sadly, many business leaders still choose to remain blind to this fundamental principle of human behavior.

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FAQ#1 "How can I best set goals for my employee incentive program?"

Q. What are the best ways to set goals for my incentive program?
A. It's NOT a guessing game!
Your first step is to understand is that sincere recognition, regular engagement and motivation are the best ingredients in creating a more positive behavior from staff members and employees. Its more than just compensation. This, in turn, will impact your organization's performance.

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Incentive Programs. Yesterday, Today and the Future!

History has not been able to re-call exactly the first use of engagement and motivation to encourage behavior. Some go back to the book of Genesis and Adam and Eve’s ousting from the Garden of Eden. As the narration goes, God tells them they must “work by the sweat of their brow” if they want to exist.  Perhaps a bit severe but who’s going to argue with God.

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