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Join Forces with Divvy Engagement Solutions at the WBENC National Conference


Divvy Engagement Solutions (formerly Taico Incentives) Leadership Team will be attending the WBENC National Conference & Business Fair in Las Vegas on June 20-22, at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Billed as the largest conference for women business owners in the United States, the conference promotes the expansion of women’s business opportunities in the marketplace.

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How I went from WBENC "fan" to all out "enthusiast!"

                                                                A personal story.

 Tai, Charles w/ WBENC Directors: Keisha & Miranda
I am not a woman business owner. I am one male employee working for one great woman-owned company.
Going out and realizing your dream of business ownership is no small feat. As 90% of those reading this blog can attest, regardless of your gender, you will face a lot of challenges. Capitalization, reaching your customers, branding, competing with the Goliaths, or just feeling all alone—these are some of the minefields that may determine if your enterprise grows or folds.
The stats for failure are daunting.  And who wants to be a stat?
I hope my experiences at WBENC will offer you these helpful tips and insights on your road to success.
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