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Why marketing needs employee engagement

When examining notable Chief Marketing Officers like Marissa Riccardi, Michael Lazerow, Eileen Zicchino, Simon Clift, Pamela Kaufman, Terri Graham, and so many others, a common understanding is shared. Employee engagement dramatically affects the success of building your brand.

“When it comes to clients, it’s all about trust,” notes CMO Eileen Zicchino. “When we look at our brand attributes, it’s about character, intelligence, and strength. Our employees help us put the client first. Our workforce works very closely with them which, in turn, builds our brand. It must be about relationships and trust even if it means we have to turn away business.”

The promise your brand makes to customers is powerfully delivered through the behaviors of your workforce. They are your brand ambassadors. With every move, they represent your brand and they are what differentiates you in the marketplace. All the advertising dollars in the world can proclaim how great your products are or how customer-focused your company is but it’s not enough. How your receptionist answers the phone, how accessible your customer service hotline is, and how well you serve the interests of your clients is what ultimately wins and retains customers.

Properly identifying what makes your brand valuable while helping employees to live and breathe your brand promises will result in superlative employee and customer experiences. That’s what you want.

The focus then becomes how best to collaborate with your employees to match brand values with your customer requirements. What are your strengths? What are you excellent at? What is innovative about you? Are you delivering on your promises? Does your workforce enthusiastically advocate for your brand’s message?

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Customer Loyalty. How to get some.

Losing a customer remains at the top of an organization's nemesis. Gaining a new customer on one hand but watching an existing customer leave you is like pouring fine wine in a glass with no bottom. Depending on the industry you are in, it takes big money and time to win a customer. Do you know what its costing you? Lets face it, keeping a customer is less expensive than finding one. Research by business consultants firm The Brookeside Group and the author of "Great or Poor" Guy Arnold, conclude that companies can boost profits by as much as 85 percent by focusing on why clients stay with you. Customer loyalty can also have the same impact as reducing operating costs by as much as 10 percent. American Express weighs in with their findings. "Consumers are willing to pay an average of 36 per cent more for a decent pub meal if the service, food and atmosphere are of a high standard." Unfortunately many larger organizations still put their bucks into huge sales and marketing initiatives but cut back, to their peril, on customer service analysis and training of employees.
When it comes to boosting customer loyalty, bigger companies don't always know better. 
The good news is that you can dramatically improve your own customer loyalty by understanding the impact your workplace culture has on customer retention.
Here we will map out some simple observations to put you on the right course toward employee engagement and customers remaining on board.

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The Future of Turn-key Incentive Technology is Here! IncentiWeb®

We have been receiving a lot of kudos from our clients for the incredible tracking, reporting, administration and management abilities of Incentiweb®  But as important, in my view, is how user friendly it is.  We've brought on some cool additional features such as quizzes, games and communication tools. Although IncentiWeb® is also known as a platform hosting virtually unlimited award choices, it is also one heck of a stand alone software technology perfect for licensing. If you are considering utilizing a stand alone software with the power to handle all your organization's incentive and reporting requirements, here are some things to think about.
Are you a gift company looking to provide employee incentive plans to businesses?  Or maybe you are an employer wishing to bring your incentive plan in-house?  Either way you will need a large staff to keep track of all the transactions, place orders, provide customer service, and generate reports for upper management.  Or you will need to create software to take care of the myriad details involved in incentive plans, software that can take years to develop at a cost of a million dollars or more.
But there is another approach, one that can save you time and money, and have you up and running in a matter of weeks with the most sophisticated software available today.
Taico® has been in the incentive management business for over 27 years, and was the first to bring this award winning incentive management software online.  The advantages are obvious:  
•    All your tools – communications, awarding prizes or points, reporting, ordering, and tracking are all in one location
•    The incentives website can be customized with colors, graphics, icons and logos to look and feel just like your own, or your customer’s
•    Awarding  points, updating participants, congratulatory messages and more  can be fully automated
•    For employees, ordering gifts is as easy and familiar as shopping online – search, browse, select, and click to order.  Points are immediately deducted and a tracking number is issued on the spot
•    In-depth reports and assessment tools are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
In addition to the advantages of being online, IncentiveWeb also offers an array of tools to help you or your customers hit the ground running when you launch your incentive plan.  These include:
•     Tax reporting database
•     Easy Quiz and Feedback templates used to train and/or get feedback from your participants
•    Easy to create a point based or non-point based incentive program
•    Over 20 languages
•    Templates for any incentive-related corporate communications, such as service awards, sales achievements, milestones, anniversaries etc.  (See examples below)
•    Powerful reporting features (see details below)
•    CRM tool automates customer service communications (see details below)
To create this powerful  software from scratch would take an army of software engineers and a seven-figure budget, not to mention a year or more of valuable time.  But starting this year, Taico will be making its field-proven software available to select clients for licensing, thereby minimizing risk and up-front costs.

Advantages of Licensing
•    Minimal up-front costs
•    Software is available immediately
•    Minimal risk
•    Upgrades available at no cost to lincensee
•    25 years of experience in the incentive industry
Please keep reading to learn more about IncentiveWeb’s powerful features:
IncentiveWeb includes the tools you need to communicate with your employees keeping them informed and engaged
•    Social engagement tools  
•    Online video upload to use in training, motivation and congratulatory messages
•    Online Blogs:  administrators can post blogs to engage and educate participants
•    Online bulletin board
•    Customized pop ups
•    Completely customizable reward categories
•    Over 1 million award choices available (depending on country)
•    OR upload your own reward choices
IncentiveWeb’s online technology provides you with in-depth, comprehensive reporting and performance assessment tools.   It includes all the reports you need to manage and track your incentive programs and assess performance improvement, even including multiple criteria programs.
Standard reports are completely customizable and can be segregated by date range, program or performance criteria, manager, division, location etc. Administrators can view or download these reports 24 hour a day 7 days a week.
From these reports, “dashboards” can easily be created and customized with a simple click.  These dashboards are used to assess the efficacy of each program and do comparative assessment for single or multiple programs.
IncentiveWeb® technology is designed to instantly assess a program’s progress and evaluate the performance of each associate as well as the program as a whole.  Turnkey reports include:
•    Budget reports
•    Performance improvement
•    ROI
•    Top performers
•    Award redemptions
•    Comparative performance reporting
Customer response tool Keeps track of all transactions and all correspondence between employee and administrators.  When a plan participant sends email enquiring about a recent order, the customer service rep receives the enquiry together with all the information relevant to the transaction in question (order date, tracking information etc), allowing the rep to process the enquiry quickly and efficiently.  Tool can be programmed to send Immediate response to employee, supplier, manager etc.
Quiz/Surveys – Administrators can easily create an online surveys to obtain feedback on the program from employees.  On-line quizzes can be created to engage and test their employees’ knowledge.   In depth reports can then be created on the administrative back end.  Percentage of  certain answers, who has participated and who has not, etc. This is valuable information can be used to evaluate the efficacy of the program and areas that need improvement.
Many of our clients use IncentiveWeb to run point-based multiple performance criteria programs such as safety, sales, customer service, in addition to their service awards program.  Our Made-to-Measure™ reporting tools in IncentiveWeb can break down budgets,  track the efficacy and ROI of each of these performance criteria, or even do comparative reports.
IncentiveWeb is fully customizable to  suit you or your clients’ needs:
•    Point based programs or select a gift (non point based)
•    Tax reporting database for use in generating W-2 and 1099s
•    TaxCentivesTM  module available for your client to use, allowing participants to pay their sales tax with points
•    Back-end CRM tool . keeps track of all customer service information  tracks phone calls, emails, follow ups and conclusions
•    Quiz/Survey modules
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Safety Programs. How you can get a grip and keep it!

Some years ago I was contacted by a manufacturer who had visited our booth at an incentive trade show in Chicago. He was running a safety program which was not providing him with the results he expected. Although not our client, at the time, I welcomed his questions. Accidents at his facility were continuing and he was losing money. Talking with him opened my eyes wide to better understand why safety programs fail and what can be done about it.

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Wellness is the buzz! What you need to know.

Green shakes and salads for breakfast, Pilates, yoga, salsa dancing, spin classes, pumping iron, veggies, zumba, swimming, kickboxing, stress management, jogger's high, aroma therapy, deep breathing, meditation.
Today's compulsive preoccupation with health reflects the more than 2 billion dollars a year we spend on gym memberships alone. Businesses across the nation are spending as much as 416 dollars per employee on wellness programs.
But all is not the picture of health and wellbeing.

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Employee Awards and Demographics. What you need to know!

Before you embark on a Employee Awards initiative, it is imperative that you know what works and what doesn't work in today's economy with today's diverse, multi-generational workplace.

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"I'm over here now!" Communication=Employee Engagement=Performance

New plans, announcements, organizing, leading, controlling, updates, recognition, sending memos, conveying news. Communicating instantly and effectively within your organization can make the difference between smooth sailing or chaos, between performance success or failure.

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