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Employee dis-engagement is robbing your bank! Protect your assets!

If you are a business owner or in senior management, you are acutely aware of the negative factors that seem out of your control. Factors undermining your business growth and profitability. Higher taxes, rising costs, competition, regulation, employee dis-engagement and unforeseen market changes.  These things can raise your blood pressure and even threaten your business survival.
However, the good news is you can get control of one very vital asset by focusing on employee engagement.

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How to create an engagement program employees will love

Getting caught up in the mire of research and opinions about whether or not rewards work can drive one to drink—or something stronger! It’s especially true if you have a large workforce and are getting pressure from the top to produce results. What kind of behavior changes are you looking to achieve in your workplace? What measurements are you using that confirm certain behaviors are improving?

We know what doesn’t work. Compliance is not engagement. Fear isn’t respect. Intimidation creates costly turnover. Cooperation isn’t always collaboration. Throwing only cash or rewards at your workforce will produce only temporary changes in attitude and behavior.

The Pavlov approach to changing employee behavior gets a one-time response at best. Once the reward runs out, your employees will often revert to their old ways. Losing weight, showing up on time, quitting smoking, practicing safety, contributing ideas, saving money, or improving sales are all goals that need more than a pat on the back or a new TV. You can spend a lot of money—only to get a temporary result.

So do rewards work?

The answer will depend on how your programs are designed and implemented. What you want is the best use of your organization’s resources for long-term positive and productive performance. Here’s a hint—sincere and deserved recognition is the foundation.   

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Employers. Jump over your obstacles and increase performance!

My friend, John A, called me about all the new taxes affecting his music company. He was a bit anxious about his ability to continue operating in the black while retaining his talented employees. After some discussion he decided the best thing to do was to reach out to his accountant to get professional advice. John asked, What can I do to reduce my tax burden, I am already at the limit. His accountant's reply? "Well John you're doing everything right and by the book. Seems to me you're just going to have to make more money.", then hung up the phone.
Businesses today, across the country, face the very same problems. Regulation, not enough growth capital, health care costs, energy costs, more taxes, complexity of taxes, uncertainty about the economy's future. Sure, if you have the time, the money and the mentality to lobby legislators all day long for relief, more power to you. Frankly I haven't found one business owner, large or small, who enjoys such luxuries. Irrespective of the obstacles being imposed on you by regulation and economic uncertainties, facing these gremlins squarely will help you survive and excel. Here we look at the most pressing obstacles you face and ways to jump over them.

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Why employees join you in the first place!

"I have yet to understand the dynamic here. We followed best interview practices and went forward to hire a wonderful team of talented, enthusiastic software developers. We provided them with a flexible work environment and top pay. After 3 months, half of them decided to jump ship and go with a competitor. Finding quality technicians is not so easy. These kinds of experiences dumbfound me and threaten my client base."
Not an uncommon storyline for employers today. Of course I could easily pontificate and play sideline pundit. I could tell this employer the reason much of his tech team left him was because he did not adequately engage and motivate them. Maybe so, maybe not. Fact is that incenti-vizing your workforce is not a cut and dry process. There are no magic bullets or cookie cutter solutions or that perfect gift award that will guarantee you loyalty. You can, however strengthen your level of employee loyalty, performance and community by understanding an often overlooked truth.
The reasons why talent joins you in the first place?  Here are some answers.

I have always emphasized to clients how vital it is to ask good questions during the interview process to determine the quality of your hire. For certain there is much you can learn from a candidate. Will they be right for your organization?

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Stress is drowning your hospital personnel! Here's how to get air!

“We know from speaking to our members who work at our hospital that morale is suffering and stress levels are on the rise. We are fearful for what the future holds for patients, for our nurses and health care workers. We know our members want to be able to provide patients with the compassionate care they deserve." says Glen Turp Director Royal College of Nursing Yorkshire. According to the US Dept of Labor, stress levels among hospital workers are indeed on the rise. Big time. The destructive effects of stressed out, burnt out hospital employees can hurt everybody. Maybe you're one of its victims. However, if you have been living life on this planet, the idea of experiencing a completely stress free lifestyle is ridiculous, impossible and even unhealthy. Knowing when healthy stress levels move to unhealthy ones is key. Building a workplace culture that engages, motivates and recognizes your nurses, facilitators, staff physicians and other personnel for their contribution brings happier employees.  Its no secret that creating a happier staff creates happier patients. Adding recognition impacts the individual to contribute to morale, quality of care, industry reputation and your bottom line. Here are some ideas that will help you and your organization breath easier again.  
I remember jogging along a beautiful wooded area in upstate New York last summer.  Then some days later I began to experience chills, shakes and headaches. During one highway drive down a crowded, busy lane, I found out I couldn't steer my car. I had lost muscle control of my arms and legs. My close friends, John and Ellen came and rushed me to the emergency room.  My diagnosis? Lyme disease. I am very grateful to everyone who made themselves available to me throughout my recovery. That's the power of recognition. The doctor said I would be out of commission for a while. His orders included no appointments or plans for two weeks, minimum.  No business, no clients. I was naturally anxious. The hospital personnel at Henry Hudson Hospital were upbeat, attentive and supportive. They made me feel I was in goods hands. I followed their protocol. I exercised, changed my diet, got quiet and got well. I deeply thanked them all and told them I hope they're getting bunches of recognition and rewards. Maybe. That's the power of recognition and my practicing healthy stress. The stress of making healthy changes actually boosted my immune system.

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CFOs Optimizing Performance-Reducing Workforce Costs

Keeping up with the expanding role of the CFO isn't easy. Knowing the right questions to ask doesn't always translate into providing instant, perfect solutions.
You are your organization's cost guru, so no one needs to remind you of your challenging and ever expanding role.
I ask: What's important to CFOs today? Answer: Everything!
Growth strategies, scorekeeping, cutting workforce costs, effective financial stewardship, expenditure operator, sales performance, safety risk, wellness, health care costs, turnover, employee loyalty/retention. Then you crunch the numbers and have to make them all add up.
In addition to everything else you do, many times you even sit in on sales calls.
In this blog we hope to illustrate a proven solution to help you improve your company's bottom line.

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FAQ#1 "How can I best set goals for my employee incentive program?"

Q. What are the best ways to set goals for my incentive program?
A. It's NOT a guessing game!
Your first step is to understand is that sincere recognition, regular engagement and motivation are the best ingredients in creating a more positive behavior from staff members and employees. Its more than just compensation. This, in turn, will impact your organization's performance.

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Attention HR: Here’s how you spell relief: Employee Loyalty programs.

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