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Why advertising and employee engagement need each other.

My conversation with Miguel Farias. about the advertising industry, employee engagement and their impact on each other. Miguel is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning, creative advertising director, responsible for the some of the industry's most popular and effective ad campaigns. His clients include Coca Cola, Toyota, Delta Airlines, Citibank HBO, Buick, Panasonic and The US Marines. Miguel is best known for his 3 Musketeers general market "floating bar" campaign that achieved historic sales results for Mars Corporation. He is founder of 4M Communications and lives in New York with his wife and two children. His email is:

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Why employees bail out. What you need to know about retention!

When a valued employee jumps your ship it can have disruptive consequences for your organization's direction and the moral of your workforce. Depending on the role of the employee, the difficulty of replacing them and the costs of retraining can be large.
Often the question from the top is: Why are my employees leaving?
Much has been written about this topic. Many employers still hold to the illusion that with unemployment figures so high, employees will stay on no matter what. If you have your finger on the pulse you know, employee turnover can be costly, time consuming and almost brutal. Almost a quarter of your employees will quit this year. You can greatly curtail employee turnover by understanding a few things now. If you want to improve retention and protect your most valuable asset, your workforce, here are some things you should take stock of immediately.

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CFOs: What Employee Reward Based Programs mean to you.

I recently attended a conference hosted by Proformative™, a CFO dedicated organization held in NYC. No, I am not a CFO myself and some have suggested I have friends in “interesting” places.

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Attention HR: Here’s how you spell relief: Employee Loyalty programs.

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Product knowledge, bringing your sales from failing to sailing!

Patricia Allman was her Audio/Video company’s top salesperson for 2006 and 2007. When the market released the latest audio/video editing software program it seemed like a shoe in.  Her “loyal” clients would certainly and enthusiastically buy from her. That was until one client asked her to explain the software’s plug-in and compatibility with his present production studio set-up.  She didn’t know the answer and didn’t know what questions to ask him next.  She didn’t get the sale.

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Accounting firms: performance improvement solutions –

How can you provide a fun and creative program that supports your firm’s goals for improving overall performance and compliance with some of the less exciting aspects of practice management and administration.

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Lose the tax burden on reward-based programs!

Reward-based programs should never become a tax burden to employees. Here’s a few scenarios that reminds us that just implementing a rewards program doesn't result in success unless it's done right.  

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