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Design Thinking and People Analytics


Adele Aguirre, President of Divvy Engagment SolutionsLast month, I had the opportunity to present at the Women's Business Enterprise National Council’s (WBENC) Summit & Salute Conference WeInnovate! Program. I discussed how the incentive and recognition programs you now have in your company will soon disappear. And how all of your sales, wellness, years of service, customer service and other types of employee motivation initiatives should now be considered through the prism of Engagement.


Divvy Engagement Solutions is the new brand of Taico Incentive Services. Our mission is clear: To bring new scientific and organizational theory focus to creating the “People” oriented company of tomorrow. The incentive industry has seen major two shifts over the last decade. First, incentives gave way to the recognition programs prevalent today. Gift cards, trips and cash bonuses were the currency of incentives. Recognition became the new approach about five years ago.

The innovation Divvy is bringing to market is to combine our award winning engagement software platform with state of the art consulting and implementation services. We help companies with two of the main requirements HR departments need to meet the demands of the Talent marketplace: Design Thinking and People Analytics. We’re using here the same terms Deloitte introduced in their Global Human Capital Trends Report of 2016.

CEOs and investors are recognizing more every quarter how much of their success depends on the motivation of their employees and the loyalty of customer and distribution channels. What distinguishes us from the competition is our consultative services that go far beyond the canned reports and pre-configured software modules that dominate the market. Instead we bring the latest thinking and talent together to enable measurable performance results.

If done correctly Design Thinking and People Analytics are key requirements in the redesign of the organization to measure and increase engagement and retention. Leadership is key in the design process - how to develop and train managers and how to mold the culture to achieve performance gains.

Today as the Deloitte report contends, HR leaders can be thought of as chief employee experience officers. To enable the correct corporate culture, employees need HR digital platforms to help deliver services focusing on ease of use and measurability. Instead of building “programs” and “processes,” leading HR organizations are studying people to help develop interventions, apps, and tools that help make employees less stressed and more productive. 92% of executives surveyed rate organizational design as a top priority and nearly half report their companies are undergoing or planning a restructuring to reflect changes in how work actually gets done today: through a “network of teams” as Deloitte calls it.

Design thinking combined with mobile technology companies can create a digital workplace to make work easier, more productive and more enjoyable. The goal is create the structure for success. From our standpoint, however, there is a gap between the requirements of major companies to change to a people-focused approach and the availability of internal resources with the necessary organizational design experience. Think of Divvy as your partner to bridge the gap between your current recognition platform and the future integrated engagement system.

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