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Designing your incentives program.

In response to requests we receive about incentive best practices, here are some ideas and general guidlines. With some simple planning and the assistance of an incentive professional, you can initiate, develop, launch and implement an effective employee sponsored corporate incentives program. At the outset I also recommend downloading our free incentive planning guide.

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CFOs Optimizing Performance-Reducing Workforce Costs

Keeping up with the expanding role of the CFO isn't easy. Knowing the right questions to ask doesn't always translate into providing instant, perfect solutions.
You are your organization's cost guru, so no one needs to remind you of your challenging and ever expanding role.
I ask: What's important to CFOs today? Answer: Everything!
Growth strategies, scorekeeping, cutting workforce costs, effective financial stewardship, expenditure operator, sales performance, safety risk, wellness, health care costs, turnover, employee loyalty/retention. Then you crunch the numbers and have to make them all add up.
In addition to everything else you do, many times you even sit in on sales calls.
In this blog we hope to illustrate a proven solution to help you improve your company's bottom line.

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Wellness is the buzz! What you need to know.

Green shakes and salads for breakfast, Pilates, yoga, salsa dancing, spin classes, pumping iron, veggies, zumba, swimming, kickboxing, stress management, jogger's high, aroma therapy, deep breathing, meditation.
Today's compulsive preoccupation with health reflects the more than 2 billion dollars a year we spend on gym memberships alone. Businesses across the nation are spending as much as 416 dollars per employee on wellness programs.
But all is not the picture of health and wellbeing.

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