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Employee Awards and Demographics. What you need to know!

Before you embark on a Employee Awards initiative, it is imperative that you know what works and what doesn't work in today's economy with today's diverse, multi-generational workplace.

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FAQ#2 What is the best employee, incentive, engagement strategy?

Once you and your incentive planners have narrowed down the performance criteria areas you want to improve on, its time to strategize the implementation of your program.
Step 1: Recognize and reward your incentive planning team for having already identified the areas that need improvement, setting your incentive goals and establishing the gauges to measure your progress.

Next, why not announce a breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting with your planning team. At this meeting review all the ideas you have so far.  Begin talks on your strategy. How do we go about implementing our performance improvement program?

Underlining your strategy discussions should be some truths to keep in mind about you and the individuals you are engaging and motivating toward improved performance. As humans we all value our ability to make our own choices. We generally make those choices based on our feelings about things and not always based on logic. This shouldn’t represent a bad or good thing but a fact of the human condition. Why do we do what we do? What causes us to help someone out, or work at a particular place, or even get out of bed on a rainy Monday morning, go to work and do an awesome job that day? What motivates us is at the heart of our actions.
Yes, there are a plethora of things that work together to help us form the choices we make. Some are so ingrained that they no longer feel like choices. We roll out of bed without seriously considering the alternative of staying there. We skip breakfast because we're not hungry, or because the clock tells us that we are already running late. Perhaps unconscious choices but choices non-the less.

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