• Your People Are Everything To Your Business. Make sure they know it—with a customized recognition plan.

    Your People Are Everything To Your Business

    Make sure they know it—with a customized recognition plan

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About us

Divvy Engagement Solutions (formerly Taico Incentive Solutions) is a woman owned business that has over 20 years of innovation in the field. The name change reflects our focus on providing the latest scientific-based incentive and recognition program design with a clear return-on-investment to engage employees, salespeople, distribution partners, and customers.

Divvy’s management experience in designing and implementing hundreds of programs across multiple industries provides the engagement solutions that can help reach your business goals. Drawing from the latest research and best practices on program design and implementation, our proven ability to address the key levers of engagement in a measurable way sets us apart in the incentive and recognition space.

Divvy is aligned with The Engagement Agency family of companies and is dedicated to bringing a complete range of engagement solutions to address each organization’s specific needs.

Success based on experience and science

Over 20 years of research on motivation and engagement has shown that it takes a formal business plan and combination of elements to foster the proactive involvement of your people to achieve your goals, including:

  • Clear sense of mission and values
  • Well-trained managers
  • Ongoing communication and information
  • Continuous learning opportunities
  • Empowerment to innovate
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Measurement and analytics

We provide program design and technologies that make it easy to integrate these tactics to achieve your goals in a measurable way. And it’s program design and implementation, more than rewards or technology, that makes the difference between success and failure.

A fully integrated or unbundled solution

Our new name, Divvy Engagement Solutions, reflects our commitment to creating programs that ensure that your organization addresses all the levers of engagement necessary to accomplish meaningful goals. While we offer literally millions of rewards and the ability to create the most customized reward catalogs, we are focused on program design, implementation, and return-on-investmentprecisely addressing the appropriate engagement levers for your program.

We can provide a complete turn-key solution assuming responsibility for program design and implementation, or work with your team to fill whatever gaps exist between requirements and your internal resources. And we offer a pay-for-performance model that minimizes your fixed up-front costs and enables you to pay based on the incremental performance measures we help deliver.